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Craziness...of the sheer and utter persuasion

5 October
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My name is Mike...but this has nothing to do with me.

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User Number: 559905
Date Created:2002-05-14
Number of Posts: 279

Mike has a beard. It is a sentient being. All who know beard, must obey beard.
Strengths: Friendly, good personality, not a recidivist.
Weaknesses: girls with dark hair, good animation, offensive jokes.
Special Skills: fun at parties, good at negotiating. When negotiations fail, the use of Beard Bomb Blast is condoned.
Weapons: Fists, feet, scruffy face.
Additional Abilities: Tap the_hatchet at parties to make them more fun and ridiculous. Every round you must pay one beer or shot upkeep from your alchohol pool to keep the_hatchet summoned. Side effects may include bad singing or stripping. the_hatchet has a 10 round limit. After 10 rounds, you may have to bury the_hatchet.

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